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Anna Wise – Precious Possession (A Live Document)

Director & Edit: j.vash
Feature: Anna Wise
Audio Mix: Dane Emerson Orr
Intro/Outro: iiki jade

Panasonic AG7350 Analog Transfer

To debut this series, I wanted a live format that was a little different; blending my love for live performance, with the aim to capture the tones of surrealist art films of my past. Here, is composed of footage I’ve gathered over the past years, living in New York. All of it, to capture the eerie essence of (my interpretation) of her haunting track, and of New York itself. To confess, I first met Anna and shot this over 2 years ago. It is only now that I bring it to you, in my own selfish exploration of a new media. I had been a fan of their Brooklyn based project, Sonnymoon since years before, and it was a privilege to work with any artist you admire. To capture the elements I was looking for, I feel that the tape format introduces some beautiful artifacting in post, especially when you start shifting the tracking and color; it’s almost musical. The process is actually quite tedious; I actually shot this in 2k, on a Black Magic Ursa, before the analog transfer, so the color depth in the blacks are rich and subtle. Overall, this performance turned out truly special – I hope to continue to bring you more of this unique series, soon to come.